Ancient eastern culture has the belief that body is made of nine Dwars (also known as openings). These Dwars are known as the pair of ears, eyes, nostrils and the singular openings of the mouth, anus and the penile/vaginal openings. It is believed the the Tenth Dwar is the DasamDwar and is referred to as the Self-Enlightenment Dwar. This Dwar was left a secret with notion of each human achieving such state..

However five thieves of humanity known as being - lustful (Kam), rageful (Krodh), greedy (Lobh), egotistic (Ahankar), and attachment (Moh) have hindered mankind from attaining DasamDwar.

Often time's triumphant people are said to have conquered these thieves..

Mankind shall "CONQUER WITHIN" these crooks to self-enlightenment. "SAHIB E KAMAL" had conquered these thieves to DasamDwar.



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